Gay Dictionary: Marica ( Spain )

Marica, gay dictionary, Spain. Illustration of Gay Slang Collection. Spanish word which is the name of a type of magpie and also one of the most used words to insult gay men, although its use has been normalized in the LGBT community. The illustration is a bird with a long tail, on a small branch. Colors black, blue and white, on light background.

Marica. Mariquita. Maricón (fagot) One of the most used words in Spanish slang to insult. Today is also widely used in the gay ambient as a substitute for the word gay. We have not been able to find the exact source. The closest is calling effeminate men as María or Maricas because Marica is diminutive of the name María. Anyway Marica is also a bird which is a magpie. About bird is the shirt. If anyone can shed some light on the subject, leave your comments or your link.

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